Terms and Condition

General overview

Xanax-alprazolam.com is operating this website and whenever you come across these words “our”, “we”, and “us”, you should understand that they refer to Xanax-alprazolam.com. All the information, services, and tools found on this site are offered by Xanax-alprazolam.com and you can use them only when you accept policies, terms, conditions, and notices that are present on this site.

If you visit our site and/or obtain services and/ or products from our site, you have engaged in business with us and that will be taken as a sign that you have read and accepted to the terms and conditions found on this site. All users of the site are covered by the terms of service. These include content contributors, vendors, customers, and browsers.

You are strongly advised to go through the terms and conditions present on our site. If you continue to access our site or make use of any part of our site, then it is automatically understood that you have accepted the terms of service. Please stop accessing our site and using any of the services offered by us, if you are not able to accept all the terms and conditions.

All services and tools offered on this site are covered by the terms of service. That includes tools and services that are added in the future. The terms and conditions are always available on this page and you can refer to them any time you wish. We have reserved the right to change, update or remove any of these terms and conditions whenever we by posting them on our site. The responsibility to stay up to date with these changes lies with you. If you continue to use our site and/or our services after the changes have been made then we will take it as a sign that you have agreed to the changes.

Terms for online stores

When you agree to the terms and conditions you represent that

  • You have reached the age of majority in either your province of residence or state
  • You have reached the age of majority in either your province of residence or state and you have given permission to your minor dependents to do business with us

Remember, you are forbidden to use the products for either illegal or unauthorized purposes. Also, you cannot violate the laws of the jurisdiction under which you live. This includes copyright laws, but are not limited to them.

General conditions

The right to provide services to anyone or not at any time for any reason is reserved for us.

Content (does not include the details of your credit card) provided by you will travel through the network unencrypted. Only credit card details are transferred in the encrypted state over the network.

By using our services you have agreed to sell, reproduce, copy, duplicate, or exploit the services provided by us unless you have got an express permission in written form from us.

The headings you find in this page have been used for purpose of simplifying the process and they do by any means limit the terms and conditions.

Information (timeliness, completeness, and accuracy)

It is not our responsibility to ensure that the information found on our site is complete, accurate and up to date. This information is meant for a general purpose and you must not make any decisions based on them. You are highly advised to search for a more accurate source of information that is more complete and timely. Any decision that has been taken by you based on this decision must be done at your own risk.

You can find information of historical nature. Information of such nature have been provided to act as a reference and may not be current. These contents can be modified by us at any time, however, there is no rule that obliges us to do so. You have agreed that monitoring our site for changes is your responsibility.

Prices and services

The prices for the products offered on our site are constant and we have reserved the right to modify them at any time. Also, we have reserved the right to modify the service provided by us or discontinue it at any time without having to provide prior notice. It is not our responsibility to compensate either you or anyone else including any third party for the loss caused the modification, disruption, and/or suspension of services. In fact, we do not have to compensate for the change of prices to either you or any third party.

Services or Products (when applicable)

It is well known that certain products or services can be obtained online through the use of our site. The quantity in which these products or services might be limited. Therefore the chances of exchanging them or returning them are based on our return policy.

All possible steps have been taken to ensure that the images and colors in which the product is available on our website is true to the maximum possible extent. It is not possible for us to guarantee that the monitor used by you will show the color accurately.

The right to limit the sale of any product or service to any jurisdiction, geographical region or person is reserved by us. However, there is no obligation on our part to do so. The right will be exercised on a case-by-case basis. To limit the number of products or services that are offered by us is a right that we have reserved with us. We have also reserved the right to change the product description or prices without providing prior notice. Whether to continue or discontinue any product will be decided by us. Unless expressly stated any offer that has offered on our site is not valid.

No warranty is provided for the quality of service, products, and/or information purchased from us. We do not guarantee that the product and/or services will meet your expectation. In case they do not meet we cannot guarantee that there will corrections.

Account and billing information (accuracy)

The right to accept or reject the order placed by you with us is reserved with us. Based on our discretion we can limit the quantities that per person, per order, or per household can buy or we can cancel the order. This restriction can be extended to orders if they are made using the same customer account, using the same credit card, or the billing address is the same. The same hold if the billing address is used to place the orders. If we have decided to change the order or cancel it, every effort will be made on our part to communicate the same to you through either phone number at the billing or shipping address or the email provided when placing the order. In case the order appears to be made by distributors, dealers, or resellers, we reserve the right to limit the quantity or prohibit the order.

It is your responsibility to provide the complete, current and accurate information when you make purchases from our website. In case there are any changes, it is your responsibility to update the details of your credit card including the expiry date as well as your current email address. This is important as it will help us not only complete your transaction, but also contact you if needed.

In case you want to know how to return or have doubts about your eligibility to return, please to refer our return policy.

Tools provided by third parties

Even though you can gain access to tools provided by third parties through our site, we wish to make clear that we do not monitor or have any control over or provide inputs to these third parties.

If you wish to use these tools, you must acknowledge that even though we provide access to them we do not provide any warranties, conditions, or representation for them. In fact, we do not endorse them. We wish to inform you that we are neither responsible nor do we provide compensation for any damage you received from using them. If you choose to use the tools provided by third parties, then you must understand that it is at your own risk. In fact, we strongly advise going through the terms and conditions of the third party before you decide to use their products.

These terms are not limited to present products and services. In case we have decided to release and/or introduce new products and services, they also will be covered by these terms.

Links to third party sites

Our site has content, services, and products that are provided by third-party sites. These may be available through the services provided by us. These sites might provide links to sites that are affiliated to us and we are under no obligation to examine or ensure that these links are accurate. In fact, there is no warranty provided on our side and we will not accept any responsibility for anything that has been provided by these third-party sites.

Xanax-alprazolam.com does not accept responsibilities for damage or harm that have been received when you buy or make transactions through these third-party sites. You are strongly advised to read the policies along with the practices followed by third-party sites. This must be done before you do any transactions with them. If you have any complaints, questions or concerns about the services provided by these third parties, you should direct these towards them.

Policy on feedback, comments, and another submission

If you have decided to send us specific submission either by our request or without our request will be collectively called comments. These include proposals, suggestions, creative ideas, and plans. It does not matter if they come through our site, email or postal mail. By sending the comment to us you agree that by sending it to us, you have given us the permission to use these comment without any restriction. Also, there is no obligation on our parts to keep these comment private, pay you compensation for these comments or respond to them.

Monitoring the comments given on our site is our right, not our duty. We are also not obliged to remove or edit any comment that has been posted on our site. It is your duty to ensure that the comments submitted by you do not contain object able materials or violate the intellectual property rights of others. In short, the responsibility of ensuring the accuracy of the comment lies with you and/or any third parties. You should ensure that your comments do not contain the following:

  • Pornographic materials
  • Defamatory content
  • Unlawful content
  • Threatening or obscene materials
  • Libelous or offensive materials

Also uploading a virus or worm with your comment that can harm or do unlawful activities is prohibited. The use of false email address as well as acting as someone else with the intent of either fooling us or any third party or both as to the origins of the comment is forbidden.

In case you have committed any of the above. The responsibility to compensate any third parties that have suffered from your comments lies clearly on your shoulders.

Policy concerning personal information

In case you are worried about the personal information provided by you, please read our privacy policy.

Policy about inaccuracies, errors, and omission

At times the information displayed on our website can contain errors including omission, inaccuracies, and/or typographical errors. The information can be related to the description of the product, the price of the product, offers and promotions on the product, time is taken to ship the product, availability of the product and the time taken to ship the product. The right to correct these inaccuracies, errors and omissions is reserved with us. This right is extended to updating and/or changing information related to services or any other inaccuracies, errors, and omission related to the website at any time and that too without prior notice.

There is no obligation on our part to amend, update or clarify the information found on our website or related to service unless it is required by law. Whenever a new date has given to show either the service or any part of the website has been updated, it should not be taken as a sign that all information provided on the site related to the service or that part of the site has been updated.

Illegal uses

Along with the things that are prohibited in the terms of use, you are also forbidden to do the following

  • Use the content or information found on this page for unlawful activities
  • Pressure others to use this information for unlawful activities or participate in them
  • To do activities that break any law or ordinances (provincial, state, federal or international)
  • Violate the not our intellectual property rights but also others
  • Attempt to harass, insult, abuse, slander, defame, harm, or discriminate against anyone based on religion, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disability, national origin, and age
  • Provide information that is either false or misleading
  • Upload a virus or any malicious codes that can cause harm to the functionality of not only our website but also any website
  • Attempt to track the personal information
  • Attempt to phish, spam, crawl or spider
  • Use our services for immoral purposes
  • Do activities that prevent any website or the internet from being secure

In case you do any of the above activities, then we reserve the right to terminate your account without providing a reason.

The extent of our liability

There is no guarantee or warranty given on our part that the services you enjoy will be secure, timely, and/or free from errors. The same applies to the results you might have obtained from the use of our services.

We are also in agreement that we have the right to either remove a service for an indefinite length of time or totally cancel the service. This can be done without having to inform you about it. The risk associated with using or inability to use the services lies with you.

Xanax-alprazolam.com and other related to us are not liable for any damage or harm you have suffered. Those who are exempt include but by no means limited to our directors, agents, affiliates, interns and contractors. Damages include but not limited to loss of profit, loss of saving, cost of replacement or any such related damage. There are, however, states that do not allow such exemptions. In case you are living in the jurisdiction of such states, our liability is limited to the maximum extent that is allowed by the law.


It is your responsibility to ensure that Xanax-alprazolam.com along with parties associated with us are not held responsible for the mistakes done by you. Those parties associated with us include but not limited to directors, interns, agents, subsidiaries and our parent company. These damages include the demand for reasonable attorney’s fees or compensation for damage done by your breach of terms of service or violation of any law. It is your responsibility to compensate these third parties for the loss they have suffered.


In case it has been found that any of the terms mentioned here is either unlawful or unenforceable, we intend to enforce them to the maximum possible extent that is allowed by the applicable laws. The parts that cannot be enforced will no longer be considered a part of the terms and even though they have been removed, it will not affect other parts of the terms and conditions.

Termination of account

Both the liabilities and obligation the parties have will not be terminated along with the termination of the contract. These liabilities and obligation shall still apply after the termination. Termination can be done from either our side or yours and till that moment the term of service is effective. There are two ways of terminating the contract. First is by sending us a written notice and the second is by no longer using our site.

In case we believe you have failed or suspect that you have failed, we reserve the right to terminate the contract. This we can do without informing you and you will still have to pay for the services till the date of termination. Based on your actions we can deny your further services.

Entire agreement

You should understand that the failure to exercise or enforce a particular part of the terms and conditions is not a sign that we have waivered that right or provision. Terms of service found on our site along with the policies hold value over any other understanding you might have understood or given to understand before signing the agreement. These include both oral and written agreement between you and us. In such cases, you have no right to hold the ambiguities against the drafting party.

Governing law

The terms of service offered by us are governed according to the laws enforced in Denver Colorado.

Changes and/or update to the terms of service

The right to review the latest version of the terms of service on our site is yours. However, we have reserved the right to either change or update the terms of service either in full or in parts as per our discretion. The updated or changed terms will be posted on the site. The responsibility to stay updated with the changes or updates is your responsibility. If you continue to use our site after the changes have been posted, we will take it as a sign that you have agreed to the changes made to the terms of service.

How to contact us about the terms of service

In case you have any queries or doubts about our terms of service, please contact us at info@xanax-alprazolam.com.

Updated Date: July 10, 2018