Privacy Policy has a privacy policy that governs the interaction between it (herein referred as the site) and its users (herein referred to as user). All products and activities offered by are also governed by this policy.

Information that identifies the user might collect information that identifies the user. This information can include but is by no ways limited to the time of the visit by the user, products ordered by the user, and other activities that the user can do on the site. During these times the site might ask the user to provide information such as their mailing address, card details, and proper name. That does not mean all visitors who visit the site should share their information. We allow users to remain anonymous when they visit our site. In short, we need the user permission before we can collect information that identifies the user. Except in cases where the information is needed to provide certain services and activities on the site, the user has the right to refuse to provide information.

Information that does not identify the user

Information that identifies the user is not the only kind of information collected by us. We also collect information that does not identify the user. This information includes the browser used to our site along with the type of computer used to access the browser. When it comes to technology we collect information including what operating system the user uses to connect along with the Internet service provided the user has made use of.

Use of browser cookies

One of the ways we enhance the experience of the user through the use of cookies. These cookies are placed in the user’s hard drive by the browser. These cookies are used to record the activities of the user and at times it tracks the user. Of course, user has the right to prevent cookies from being placed in their systems. To do this they have to set their browser to either refuse cookies or give them alerts whenever a website is sending them a cookie. However, they must remember certain websites won’t work if their cookies are not accepted.

Uses for the information collected by us might collect information from the user and put the information to the following uses:

-To provide better service to our customers

Based on the information we collect we can better understand our customers. Thus we can provide a better response to their service request as well as their support needs.

-To accept payments

There are times when we have to use the information provided the user to provide the service desired by the user. However, users need not worry about the safety of the information as we will share the information only if it is needed to acquire the desired service.

-To enable the personalization of a user’s experience

All Users would like it if the service provider had a personal touch and that is what we are trying to do. In order to do this, we have to utilize some of the user’s personal information.

-To update the user

The user’s email address will be used to send information relating to the user as well as the orders they have placed. In case the user has requests, questions or queries, we will send the response to the registered website. We have a mailing list that the user can opt-in. If they do, they will receive information about the company and the services and products offered by us. We have also added a unsubscribe option of each mail. This can be used by the user to opt-out.

-Improving our own site

Cookies can provide information that we may use to improve the services and products offered on our site.

Importance of protecting user’s personal information

We understand the importance of protecting the personal information of the user. That is why we follow best practices when it comes to collecting, storing, and processing data. The security measures we have in place will prevent unauthorized personals from accessing, modifying, deleting or disclosing the user’s personal information.

An SSL secured channel is used when communication between the site and the user takes place. To further protect sensitive information, the data packages are encrypted and require the correct digital signature to access them.

Sharing user’s personal information

Our belief is that a user’s personal information is not a tradable commodity. That is why we do not trade, sell, or share user information. If we are required to share anything it will be a general information. That is our trading partners, advertisers, and trusted affiliate will get a generic information.

Advertisements found on our sites

The ads that appear on our website can come from advertising partners. These partners have sent their own cookies to the user’s computer. Through these cookies, they try to identify and send advertisements that might match the needs of the user or others who use the computer. which to state these cookies are not covered by our privacy policy.

Links and content of other websites

There are content on our site that provides links to other sites as well as services. These sites and services might be provided by our sponsors, advertisers, licensors, suppliers, and other such third party websites. The user must understand that the content and links that not under our control. Thus, we do not accept any responsibility for the links that go from or to our site. These sites have their own privacy policy as well as their own term and conditions. That means the use of the site is governed by the site’s own terms and policies

Right to change the policy

The rights to change this privacy policy is reserved with and whenever we change the policy we make it a point to include the day it was updated. Thus, we constantly encourage the users of our site to check this page for any changes in how we collect and use their personal information. You are alone responsible for checking our site’s privacy policy regularly and updating yourself about the modification.

Sign of acceptance

If you continue to use this site, it is taken as a sign that you have accepted these conditions. It is highly advised that you stop using our site if you disagree with these policies.

For Contacting us

You have two options:

  1. You can either call us at our toll-free number  or
  2. You can send your queries either at or you can fill up the Questionnaire form available in our Contact Us page.


  Updated Date: Aug 18, 2018