Ativan for Vertigo

ativan for vertigo

Ativan is the brand name for the drug Lorazepam and this belongs to the benzodiazepine family (such as Valium, Xanax, and Klonopin). This helps to treat a number of disorders, mostly for those which are connected with anxiety. It is almost insoluble in water and is nearly a white powder. It contains inactive ingredients such as lactose monohydrate, microcrystalline cellulose, and magnesium stearate and polyacrylic potassium. This medication is mostly prescribed as an anti-anxiety pill. Ativan’s use as a medication for vertigo has helped a lot of patients struggling with the condition.

How Ativan works in treating vertigo?

The way it works is that it calms the person by acting on the central nervous system and the brain and it enhances the effects of GABA. This is why it is appropriate to treat some forms of acute vertigo. It prevents the part of the brain which is responsible for balance to compensate for the damage to the inner ear. When a person has vertigo, they are given vestibular suppressants as well as antiemetic drugs.

These vestibular suppressants reduce the eye movements which are caused by a vestibular imbalance. Ativan 0.5 mg BID is usually given to stem this vertigo but it does have a mildly sedating effect and it results in a dependency which is created for benzodiazepine. These works on the GABA modulators and so vestibular responses are suppressed by this acting centrally. The chlorine channel affinity is increased and when these drugs are administered in very less dose, these are very useful.

To help with the dizziness during vertigo, either antihistamine are given or Ativan or other benzodiazepines are given but the only drawback is that it makes the patient drowsy so the doctor usually prescribes low dosages based on the symptoms, the constitution and the medical condition of the patient.

Sometimes niacin is also given so that the blood vessels can dilate and as a result, there is relief from dizziness as well as from vertigo. Sometimes there could be cases where there are severe vertigo, dizziness, and severe vomiting and in those cases, oral medications will not be of any use but in those times, corticosteroids and IV fluids are then administered.

In cases of labyrinthitis which is inner ear infection which is caused as a result of viral infection, vertigo may be caused. This usually takes even more than 3 weeks to cure and during the time Ativan is prescribed to help stem vertigo. It is also prescribed to treat for vertigo caused by Meniere’s disease where the inner ear has a disorder. The patient feels spinning, dizziness and ringing in the ears along with hearing loss and pressure or even pain in the ear due to this.

From where can one buy Ativan at a cheap rate?

It can be bought from the local or online drugs stores as well as from online pharmacies. One must have a valid prescription to buy Ativan from local pharmacies. It is sold at a cheaper rate in online stores. For those people who think that they cannot able to buy Ativan, there are some online stores which will provide a free online prescription for the drug. By using this prescription, one can able to obtain the drug upon submission of his medical records online without any hassle.