Alprazolam and Cognitive impairmentAlprazolam, one of the frequently benzodiazepines drug, can induce cognitive impairment when taken for longer than required or in significantly higher doses. Once considered to be a safe drug, the Xanax generic can result in various side effects, some of which can be grouped together as cognitive impairment. Based on the study of the effects of Alprazolam on patients taking this medication, it was found that older people are more susceptible to these harmful side effects. The anti-anxiety medication is indicated for short-term use only.

The longer Xanax is being taken the more severe the level of cognitive impairment. To avoid this debilitating side effect of generic Xanax one should take only the required dose for that specific duration of the drug course. It is recommended to consult an online doctor while you buy Xanax online without prescription so that you can order the pills in required dose. Although the drug dependence and tolerance can occur even in someone who takes the pills as per the doctor’s recommendations, doing so is important in order to avoid more severe effects particularly cognitive impairment.

The different cognitive functions impaired with long-term Alprazolam use

Cognitive impairment that occurs due to prolonged use of benzodiazepines like Alprazolam is usually accompanied with difficulty in psychomotor performance as well. The signs that an individual may be facing these symptoms are trouble with reasoning, difficulty in making decisions, confusion, trouble with memory, difficulty with coordination, having blackout periods, loss of memory, difficulty in performing learned tasks, impaired thinking, and difficulty concentrating. These effects hinder the individual from performing regular tasks with ease. Some of them may not be aware that they have a problem unless someone points it out to them. It is recommended to get checked with your healthcare provider to make sure that the Alprazolam is what is causing these effects and seek suitable remedial measures.

Cognitive impairment of Xanax in the elderly

Alprazolam use and benzodiazepines, in general, are not recommended for the elderly as the drugs’ effects are more potent. If the health condition of people in this group requires the medication with generic Xanax pill, then the lowest dose is recommended. As people age, there is a greater chance of developing dementia and other diseases of the brain. The use of the drug in the elderly can increase this risk as it causes cognitive impairment. Also, as people age they lose the ability to eliminate drugs from their system fast, there is the natural imbalance in the brain chemicals and general sensitivity to drugs increases.

How long does cognitive impairment from Alprazolam use last?

Cognitive impairment will cease to be the problem once you stop taking the Alprazolam medication. In some people, the effects take six months to longer to wear off completely. Alprazolam should not be discontinued just like that but with the dose tapered as otherwise, there can be severe withdrawal symptoms. For people who have been taking the drug for a very long time, it may take much longer for the cognitive impairment to stop being an issue. Ensure that timely help is sought from a medical professional as leaving these effects untreated can lead to developing related illnesses.